"Every achievement was at first, and for a time,
a dream"
- James Allen

Athena Frost received her bachelor’s degree in astrophysics from the University of Chicago. In her senior year, she took an intro writing course that put her on a path to screenwriting. While finishing her masters in secondary education, she completed her first script, The Sin of Virtue. Since then, while still in her first years as an AP physics teacher, she has completed another feature screenplay (Fixed Point) and her first television pilot, Night Trauma. During the table read of Night Trauma her pilot was described as, “an episode of Supernatural if it were written by Joss Whedon.” Athena looks forward to working in television writers’ rooms. She loves to collaborate with others, sharing and giving creative input. She also believes coffee cures all and therefore is excellent at completing tasks on time and with high quality. When Athena is not writing or teaching she enjoys singing in her choir, astronomy, and anything sci fi.

  • Portfolio

    Night Trauma - Teaser + First Act

    Supernatural/horror television series

    When a surgeon travels back to her hometown Chicago, she is pulled into a world where she can no longer save lives with surgery, but with the supernatural.

    iZombie Spec

    "I See Said the Blind Man"

    Reeling from the aftermath of season 2, Liv must deal with killing her boyfriend to save her partner. Beyond that, her murder case is causing problems with her visions because her murder victim was blind.

    The Sin of Virtue - First 20 pages

    Feature screenplay, sci-fi/action

    In a post-apocalyptic world without guns, a power hungry criminal can only move up the ranks by killing those ahead of him, but the only one left to defeat is the beautiful and ruthless daughter of the gang leader.